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  1. A Workshop on "Foundation Course on Information Technology &Financial Accounting for S.C/S.T. Students of different undergraduate institutions was held at the college premises on and from 16th December,2000 to 31st March, 2001 with financial assistance from Department of Science and Technology & NES, Govt. of West Bengal, conducted by the Computer Centre of our College.


  3. Seminar on "Bengali Novel: From Bankim to Adwaita MallaBarman. per favour Deptt. of Bengali, held on 07.12.02.


  5. Seminar organized jointly by the Physics and Chemistry Deptt. of the College on the topic "Geometry and Nature", held on 13.03.2004.

  6. U.G.C sponsored, State-level Seminar of the Deptt. of Political Science on "Regional Movements in India: the Future of Indian States", held on 05.10.2004.

  7. English Deptt. organized seminar on "short stories in Honours-level syllabus, held on 20.11.2004.

  8. "Capital Market was the topic of the seminar organized by the Deptt. of Commerce, held in 2005.

  9. The crowning achievement has been the organization of a two-day, partially U.G.C-Sponsored, State-Level Conference in mid-December,2004 on "Geriatrics and Inter-Disciplinary Gerontological Studies in West Bengal", a pioneering programme in the state to spread relevant awareness in our society. The conference was organized jointly by the Deptts. of Mathematics and Computer Science with active collaboration from Netaji Nagar Day College Computer Centre. The proceedings of the conference have been gleaned, edited and published in book form.

  10. The College central Library organized a seminar on "Library of the 21st C. on 20.12.2005 as part of celebration of Library Day.

  11. On 20th April, 2006 the Deptt. of Political Science of the college held a seminar on a very recent topic of general concern, "Right to Information".

  12. Only two days later, on 22nd April,2006 the Deptt of Bengali arranged a seminar on Stylistic Appreciation of Modern Poetry."

  13. On 23.11.06 the Deptt of Zoology held a Seminar on "Environment and Bio-Diversity Conservation with Dr. S Ghosh from Bangabashi College as Resource Person.

  14. The Deptt. of Bengali organized an extended seminar on "Banger Kabi with Twelve Speeches spread across six days in three consecutive weeks, between 1st Dec., 06 and 22nd December,06.

  15. The Deptt. of Geography has held a two-day seminar in collaboration with Eco club & Science Club of the College on 15th and 16th December on the topic.

  16. I) "Ground Water Arsenic Contamination and its health effects in Ganga-Meghna- Bramhaputra Plins on 15th December,2006
    II) Interlinking of rivers. on16th December,2006

  17. With Dr. Dipankar Chakraborty of Jadavpur University as the Resource Person of the first topic and Dr. Kalyan Rudra of National Flood Core Group as the Resource person of the second topic.






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